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Star Protection Agency provides uniformed licensed unarmed and armed security officers to all types of businesses and communities in the Greater Houston area.

Gated Residential Communities

Star Protection serves several of the most demanding gated residential communities in Houston. Our gate attendant ambassadors and security officers understand the importance of discernment and privacy in the provision of access control and security. We take a pro-active approach in recruiting and vetting fit for purpose employees and provide constant and continuous on-the-job coaching to ensure our officers protect your residents, visitors and guests. We understand our service delivery is an extension of your community brand and property value.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing facilities are a major target of theft, vandalism, property damage and litigation. In today’s world, professional levels of security planning, prevention, and protection is critically important. Our knowledge and experience enables collaboration with our clients in the creation of customized security programs. Production is your focus, and safeguarding your facilities for smooth and safe operations is ours.

Luxury Residential Properties

Security of your residents, guests and visitors is one of the top-selling points and guarantees made for real estate investments. Whether your property requires a security officer or a lobby concierge, Star Protection personnel have the knowledge and experience to protect your residents, property, facility, staff and brand. Our expertise has been effective in helping property owners and managers achieve a safe and secure environment that prevents crime, provides for risk assessments, incorporates residential security technology to work in conjunction with the best practices in physical security. Our goal…develop a long-standing relationship with your business to develop and manage the most secure living environment possible.


In today’s world, church security requirements continue to increase due to threats from active shooter attacks and acts of terrorism. A church security plan should be in place to mitigate these threats, and the plan should include active patrolling inside the facilities and mobile patrol in the parking lots. Star Protection will develop a security plan and provide security officers and security training for staff and volunteers to reduce the risk of an attack. In conjunction with church leadership, our experts will formulate the best plan for your church and fulfill your security staffing demands.

Private Schools

A safe and secure environment for a private school institution is the responsibility of the entire community to which it serves. Campus leadership must be vigilant about campus safety and security while addressing the demands of the having a cost effective, high level of security service in place to ensure the safety of all students, visitors, faculty and guests. By providing a range of services with a proven record of reliability, our engaged security personnel are instrumental in helping clients achieve a safe and secure environment.

Transportation, Shipping, & Warehousing

We understand your facility requires a tailored security program to protect employees, visitors, contractors, and property from theft, trespassing, vandalism, contamination, and un-lawful entry.   Our operational delivery and program will be designed to reduce vulnerability for your facility while mitigating risk in support of your overall EHS program.  Tailored on-the-job training and coaching will focus on vehicle inspections, access control protocols, and perimeter security across all assets and property.

Chemical Plants

Chemical plants and manufacturing facilities have become a major target of theft, vandalism, management-labor-related disputes, property damage, equipment and product tampering, and litigation. Products and processes continue to be developed, requiring a professional level of security planning, prevention, and protection. Star Protection Agency can work with your team to provide the security man-power your corporation needs in order to achieve the highest level of security for your product, your employees, your property, and your management.

Patrol Services

A lighted and marked patrol vehicle can be provided for patrol services at any type of business or community.  Typical patrol stops consist of 10 to 15 minutes on site, with the officer scanning bar codes as proof of site visit, as well as checking any doors, gates or checking for suspicious persons, vagrants or trespassers.  During the patrol stop, the officer will utilize the patrol vehicle as a visual deterrent by patrolling the entire perimeter before or after making any required checks.  The patrol officer will then fill out a report documenting his actions which is emailed directly to the customer immediately.

Special Events

Star Protection can supply officers for any type of special events on short or regular notice.